Create Your Mate

In our article "Top Tips for Dating after 45. Grey Haired and Scared" we made a point of the importance of seeking a mate who suited your soul rather than your eye (though both is good).

There is an old belief that if you put your wishes out into the Universe, they will be answered. Which brings us to…’be careful what you wish for’. There is no point wishing for the eye-candy if he or she doesn’t have the character.

So we have made a ‘Create your Mate’ questionnaire. Think of your ideal mate and answer the following questions to form a profile. The key is to be absolutely honest.

What are the five most important values for your mate to hold?


Choose five words to describe their personality?


What interests do they have?




What is their energy level?




What kind of friends do they have?


Spiritual or not?

If relevant, what religion?




What kind of music do they like?


What kind of books do they read?




What is their ideal holiday?




What level of education do they have?


If income is important, what level?


What flaws can you tolerate?




And what bad habits are a big ‘no, no’?


Can they have a previous family? (Don’t limit yourself here. There are more re-treads than new tyres!)


Ideal looks?




OK Sassista. Now go out under the moon and ask the universe to send this person your way.

It is your life, your choice – so open up and believe.



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