The habits of very successful sassy women

Are they born? Are they trained? Are they just lucky?

Well, the Sassistas have been scouring the internet for the answers and it seems there is a bit of everything going on – but most of it is about focus and determination with a good dollop of common sense and using their brains.

We have come up with a list of ten success habits which are reported over and over:

  • Sleep. All the articles we have read claim that successful people are not those loved by the paparazzi for falling out of clubs and restaurants in the early hours. Instead they are ensuring a good eight hours rest to ensure their brains are fully functioning and their bodies too. The golden four hours between 10.00 p.m. and 2.00 a.m. are preparing them to take on another day at maximum performance.

  • Rise early. Getting up an hour early rather than going through the torment of fighting the snooze button is favoured by the successful. That first hour is spent on preparing themselves for a full and positive day.

  • Plan. Successful people do not let life happen to them. They set goals and take action. Every day is focused on achieving something and every small success is taking them forward. Days are planned the evening before and plans reviewed in the morning. Planning ensures that every minute of the day is focused on moving forward.

  • Clear the mind. Highly successful woman like Arrianna Huffington and Oprah Winfrey always find time for themselves. Some report taking 30 minutes in the morning just to think or to watch the light come up and the birds sing; others do an hour of yoga, stretching or meditation to clear their minds.

  • Eat well. Success is not built on a cup of granulated coffee and a cigarette. The doers get nutrition in a good breakfast and a lot of water.

  • Exercise. Looking after body as well as the mind and the business is key to success. Keeping fit ensures they have the energy to keep going and the resilience to manage the tough times.

  • Rejoice. Many of our top business successes spend time every morning giving thanks for what they have. No negative energy is spent worrying about what others have and can do. They do what they love, do it well and appreciate their success. They focus on the bounty of their lives and then grow it.

  • Eat the frog. This is a term used by Brian Tracy who has studied millionaires and written over 60 books on success. In essence it means do the horrible tasks first. It stops you procrastinating and, once done, puts you on a high for the rest of the day.

  • Read. Successful people know what is going on. They read the papers, they read books, they read articles. Information is power and power leads to success.

  • Capture. No ideas every get lost. High performers often claim they carry a little book for notes, quotes, ideas and questions. Lurking in those pages is their next big project and another success.

So, it seems to us that the successful Sassistas out there are really living the motto of your life, your choiceand grasping it with both hands. Then when they have it they love it make the very best of it.

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