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Visualisation – the Technique for Creating your Future

Visualisation has been used for years in sport psychology. When you see rugby players visually sweep the distance between the ball and the posts, they are visualising the ball going through. Likewise you will often see golf pro’s visualise the height and distance of their drive. But this technique is not limited to ball-play. It is a powerful technique for getting you motivated and ready for the future you want.

Research into visualisation has indicated:

  • It helps the brain begin to create the neural networks which will support successful behaviours
  • It increases motivation as your brain sees the success as real
  • It activates your sub-conscious and you will find more ideas and positivity will flow
  • It increases confidence as your brain is working in positive mode. Little wonder it is the preferred technique when assisting people with presentation stress.
  • Some people believe it activates the law of attraction

There are many techniques for visualising. A quick Google search will get you a whole list of people like Jack Canfield who will present a variety of approaches.

At Staying Sassy we keep it simple. All you need is a quiet place, a notebook, a comfortable chair, fifteen minutes of time and your brain and you are set to visualise your brilliant future.

Step One: Define the brilliant future

Take five minutes to write down the future. This might be a change you want to make, a behaviour you want to start, an event you want to make successful. Very important is that you write it down as though it has already happened. This will start your brain visualising and creating those neuronal pathways. Also important is that you describe the circumstances but also what you see, hear and feel.


I have been promoted and now act as leader of my team. I have transitioned into the role and established strong and positive relationships with the team members. They describe me as fair, supportive and an excellent manager. I have addressed a few issues with confidence and have their respect. My first appraisal was excellent and I was rated high in all areas. I feel positive and excited by my work. I wake up in the morning and look forward to getting to the office. Everybody is saying how great I look and sound. My partner is saying I have found my sense of fun again. Life is good.

Step Two: Paint the picture of your future

Now that you have defined your brilliant future it is time to paint the picture in your brain so that it can start working on success. First sit in the chair, close your eyes and actively relax your body. See our article on progressive relaxation if you need help doing this. Clear your mind of thoughts and tell your brain it is going to start creating the future.

When you feel relaxed, take yourself into the future and imaging you are living the success. Create a mini movie in your mind’s eye. Activate your senses. See what you are doing; hear what people are saying to you; feel what you are feeling.


You are sitting in an office at the end of your appraisal. You are asked how things are going. You hear yourself say in a positive voice that you love the job and look forward to coming to work. The manager is telling you that she is delighted with the progress you have made. You have transitioned faster than she could have expected and the team is not only settled but performing better than before you became their leader. She is hearing great feedback about you from other managers and the directors. Your team have universally praised you and described you as a fair and supportive leader. She can really only give you the highest grades. She asks how things are outside work. You tell her you are happier than you have been for a long time. This job has lightened you and you are having fun. As you speak you feel the positivity and pride inside.

Step Three: Cement the future

When you have a very strong image of success it is time to make it bigger and brighter. Imagine there is a button which enhances everything and makes it stronger. Visualise the button if you can. Now look at your mind’s eye movie and turn up the brightness. See light flooding in and making everything sharp and clear. Now turn up the sound. Hear the positive comments even louder. Hear your own voice sounding happy, strong, and confident. Finally, turn up the feeling button until you can almost explode with positivity. Keep looking. Now tell yourself this is real. It is happening. The future has already started to take shape.

Open your eyes and smile – your brilliant future has already started!

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