The Making life Sassy Series – Step one: Life assessment

Is your life…

  • Full?

  • Balanced?

  • Positive?

  • Focused?

Few of us can tick all four, but when do we sit back and take stock? More important, when do we stand up and decide to do something about it?

One of the most useful tools to come out of the realm of positive thinking is the life wheel – a simple method for assessing life in the round and defining what you need to do about it.


The Life Wheel

Make time for yourself. This exercise takes time and thought. It is not something you do with your spouse asking where his boxers are and your office calling about yesterday’s e-mail.

1. Make a large circle on a piece of paper and give it spokes – as many as you like. The areas between each spoke needs to represent an important area of your life.


2. Now rate each one. Use your own scale – whatever means most to you. Some people use a 1-5 rating others use symbols such as:     

3. Having assessed the state of play, it is time to start taking steps to change those areas with a low rating.  If you are not prepared to change them then you need to accept they will not change and stop worrying about them. Admittedly, there are some things which cannot be changed. Last year, my family area was very negative because my mother was dying of dementia. Only time would change that situation – but facing up to that made me buck up and realise that life moves on every day and this was a sad phase with an inevitable resolution.


If you are going to change, then it is time to think and plan. This might take a whole lot of time, but start with the following challenges to get your thinking in line:

  • How did this situation arise?
  • What part have I played in creating it?
  • What am I doing to maintain the negative situation?
  • What do I want this area of my life to look like?
  • What level of control do I have?
  • What are my options?
  • What am I not willing to do?
  • What help do I need?
  • Then ask yourself the big question – am I willing to make the effort to make it better?
  • If the answer is yes, then you are already on your way. Next step is the first step and usually the most difficult one. But one step leads to another and another and soon it is a journey. Get walking Sassista!


Next article in this series – planning life change.

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